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Fireplace wood is ideal for lighting a fireplace, stove or barbeque. It is convenient for the user and ecologically friendly, effective and efficient. Small and perfectly dried elements assure fast and efficient ignition with no need to use additional chemical substances.
Briquette is ideal for fireplaces and furnaces. Its composition is safe and efficient as it does not contain any irritant chemical substances. Its shape assures stable placing the briquette in the fireplace. It is an efficient and modern product of universal use.
The product contains 100% of natural deciduous wood (oak, cherry, ash, acacia, walnut). Its packaging has been made of biodegradable ecologically-friendly foil.

Thanks to low humidity ( 7-15%) it guarantees fast ignition with no smoke. Pure wood which does not contain any irritant chemical substances.

Convenient transport due to handy packaging constitutes a perfect protection against humidity. Each package contains 5 kg top quality wood, cut into small, handy pieces.
Material has been made of 100% natural deciduous wood shavings with no irritant chemical substances. It has been packaged in recycled heat-shrinking foil.

Thanks to a unique combination of natural ingredients, its burning tim and heat emissionhas been longeras compared to traditional heating materials. Economical in use and storing as a condensed form of the product does not take much room.

Due to modern methods of production and its unique shape the briquette can be steadily placed in a fireplace. Because of its natural content smoke emission while burning has been limited to the minimum.

This product can find its perfect use in fireplaces and traditional heating furnaces. It is a modern successor and a perfect alternative for traditional combustibles as breeze or coke. It can replace fireplace wood: 1kg of briquette guarantees heat that equals burning over 4 kg of wood.