Do you know that the material for you floor was being created for 100 – 150 years?

In order not to waste the time and effort that the nature needed to create a nearly perfect material, you should be assured to invest in a product that is going to last for many decades. This ecologically and economically responsible attitude corresponds to a global trend. We do not use a low price strategy. Instead we prefer to offer durable and ethically created products. Paying for our floors you get much more: work of the best specialist and top quality material obtained in an ecological and responsible manner.

Woldrew has been investing in a responsible production and has annually been manufacturing 180 000m2 of floors. We apply a strategy of lower quantity towards higher quality and use all, even the smallest, wooden elements in the production process. Due to proper machinery lines we can transform them into top quality products. Therefore in Woldrew offer you can find floors as well as mosaics and briquettes. Our 100% ecological products are made with the use of local material – wood from Poland and other European countries.