CE Certificate certifies that all Woldrew products meet the strictest requirements of European norms. If you are interested in obtaining copies of documents please contact our sales department.

FSC ® Certificate guarantees that the material your floors have been made
of was
purchased from suppliers who obtain it in a responsible manner pursuant to ecological norms. This document has been granted by an independent non-profit organization created to promote awareness in the management of global forestry.

Woldrew has been a family business since the beginning of the 1950’s specializing in the production of wooden floors made of solid wood: planks, parquets and mosaics. Our products can been found in Poland as well as other European and Scandinavian counties. Wide range of wood types, modern machinery and implementing environmental norms allow the company to offer top quality products. You cannot create beautiful and durable products without awareness and respect towards the natural perfection of wood. While optimizing our production processes we use each element to prevent waste and destruction of this perfect material. Professionally stored and processed elements are used to make floors that will last many decades. All waste is recycled to produce ecological biomass or is burned in an in-house boiler plant. Even Woldrew product packaging is made exclusively from ecological elements such as recycled foil and waste cardboard. Woldrew possesses an entire production line: from log cutting to the final product. Modern and sufficient machinery park as well as strict quality control has for many years guaranteed positive reputation of our firm.