Raw floors

Solid floors are made of a homogenous element of a high quality of a natural wood. It is a 100% ecologically clean material, with no glue, no enhancements used in multilayer products. Thanks to the thick layer of wood, solid products are durable and noise-absorbent. They may be treated and renovated many times to meet current trends and preferences.

Industrial mosaic

Industrial mosaic is characterized by unprecedented sturdiness, wide range of natural colors, easy repairs and renovation. Thanks to the wide range of element heights, the floor is a perfect match to carpets, floor tiles or floor panels. Industrial mosaic is a fully natural and ecological product made of solid wood – from 10 to 23 mm.


  • single element: 160 x 23 x 8, 160 x 10 x 8
  • available wood species: oak, smoked oak, ash
  • available patterns: brick, parallel, cube

Available wood species


Smoked oak


Parquet mosaic

Parquet mosaic is a fully natural and ecological product made of solid wood. Thanks to the optimal height it is a perfect match for all types of floors. It is machine glued to the grid which allows easy and fast assembly.


  • single element: 160 x 23 x 8
  • element:
  • available wood species: smoked oak

Available wood species

Smoked oak

End-grain mosaic

Flooring made of solid cross-cut elements which guarantees its exceptional durability and sturdiness. Single laths are arranged and glued to the grid to form a bigger and easier to assemble element. This type of flooring stands out for its durability and resistance to wear.


  • single element: 23 x 69 x 18/10
  • element: 552 x 138
  • available wood species: oak, smoked oak

Available wood species

Natural oak

Smoked oak

Stylo floors

STYLO is a perfect combination of the best features of ready-made elements and classic wooden floor of the best quality: easy and quick installation, durability and elegance. STYLO is a compromise in the eternal discussion between supporters of ready-made flooring materials (panels) and the laying from scratch of real wood flooring. In this unique product, high-quality wood with a suitable wear layer has been finished with natural oil, which ensures perfect surface protection.

STYLO floors are available in a wide range of colours. Users can choose between Classic oiling or stylish brushing of the oiled surface, finished in colours from the nature-inspired Terra Design palette.


Solid board

  • STYLO L : 500-2000x140x16

2-layer board

  • STYLO M – herringbone pattern

3-layer board


Available wood species

Classic colours

Terra Design colours