About us

Woldrew is a family business, operating since the 1950’s, which specializes in the production of elements made of solid wood. Initially we offered solid floors, wooden boards, parquets and mosaics. Now we produce furniture boards, staircases and furniture elements as well as parquet and industrial mosaics. Our products can be seen in the entire Poland, Western Europe and Scandinavia. A wide range of offered wood, modern machinery and implemented norms pursuant to the certificates allow us to provide the highest quality products.

Our company has a complete production line: starting from wood cutting, through drying, processing and, finally, the end product. A modern and efficient machinery park and strict quality control through all phases have secured our reputation and quality of our products.

One cannot create beautiful and durable products without the knowledge and respect for the natural perfection of wood. Through process optimization of the production we effectively use all elements, prevent waste and destruction of their perfect nature