Wood smoking

We offer a chemical process of wood smoking.

Woldrew has been using a professional installation to chemically smoke wood with the use of NH3. Its build and technologically advanced operating system guarantees a perfect quality and even coloring. We have been providing our products for over 10 years thanks to our professional staff and high quality of service.

Unique advantages of the system:

  • The process is carried out in a low temperature which guarantees a stable level of wood humidity, minimal risk of fissure or element deformation.
  • Advanced system of process control – even coloring regardless of consignment volume.
  • Possibility to fume through the entire element or to obtain a light, surface color.
  • A unique system of NH3 neutralization process after smoking – a guarantee of minimal emission that affects the quality of further processing and use.
  • A careful verification of products in a company laboratory for element humidity, emission degree and quality of coloring.

We smoke:
Oak, red oak and acacia.